Spelling Words:  
Challenge Words: 

 festive, ingredients, degrees, recommended, anxiously, cross, remarked, tense 

Homework:  Week of May 13, 2019

** Bring in a book to read for DEAR time


Tuesday:     Math:  wkbk p. 644
                  Spelling:  Journeys wkbk p. 218
                                Test Friday

                  Walk-A-Thon:  Wear gym uniform or shirt you
                         designed with your gym shorts or pants.
                         Bring in sponsor sheets and any money
                          you collected.   

Wednesday:    Math:  wkbk p. 658-659

                      Spellling:  Journeys wkbk p. 224
                                     Test Friday

Thursday:     Math:  wkbk p. 660-661
                   Spelling:  wkbk p. 227
                                 Test tomorrow