Miss Elizabeth Reyes

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I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

Mother Teresa

This Week We Are Learning (5/20/19):

Reading- This week we will focus on the following Target Skills: substituting phonemes, pausing for punctuation, antonyms, using context clues, fantasy vs. realistic text, inferring/predicting, and subject-verb agreement.   We will also be working with the initial phonemes /v/ and /z/. The high frequency words are: look, saw, very, put, their, and out. (Please continue to practice reading and identifying all of our High Frequency Words at home.)

Religion- We will be practicing for our Graduation and we will continue praying the Rosary. Please continue to practice saying the Hail Mary (in addition to the Our Father).

Math- This week the children will continue to deepen their understandings of 2D and 3D shapes, shape pictures, and composing and decomposing shapes.

Social Studies- The children will understand that maps and globes help locate places and will differentiate between land and water features.

We will discuss farmers and animals found on a farm.  We will also continue observing and investigating butterflies. Our caterpillars have begun to turn into chrysalises and will soon be relocated to their Butterfly Pavilion. We are eagerly awaiting our butterflies. 



5/1      Summer Uniform Begins   

5/3      First Friday Mass

          Full Day

5/8     Field Day Grades (Grade K, 1 & 2) all day

5/10     Mother's Day Tea 9:30-10:30

5/18     Walk-a-thon

5/20     Kindergarten Field Trip

5/22      Teddy Bear Clinic

5/10    School Closed~ Ascension Thursday   

5/24     May Crowning at 9:30am

   Early Dismissal 11:30

5/27    Memorial Day- School is closed

5/31:    Casual Dress Day 


Will be held on Wednesdays during recess.  Please send a note in if you would like your child to attend extra help.