Miss Elizabeth Reyes (K-1)

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Do not forget that true love sets no conditions; it does not calculate or complain, but simply loves.

Pope John Paul II


This Week We Are Learning (2/12/18):

Reading- This week we will focus on the following Target Skills: blending and segmenting phonemes, reading with expression, identifying author's purpose, using figurative language, and analyzing and evaluating text. We will also be working to identify the letter Rr and its corresponding phoneme - /r/. The high frequency words are: “will, be, into, that, your, and who” (Please continue to practice reading and identifying all of our High Frequency Words at home.) 

This week we will learn that Lent is a time to prepare our hearts for Easter. During Lent, we will work on our kind words and deeds that will help God’s love grow in our hearts.

Math- The children will build upon their knowledge of decomposing 10 to learn how to find missing number partners to make 10.

Social Studies- We will continue discussing our Presidents and American Symbols unit. 

Wwill conclude our 5 senses unit

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2/2 Early Dismissal, 11:30 No After Care Ice Skating at Marjorie Post Park
2/5 School Assembly
2/7 No Art Workshop today
2/13 100th Day Celebration
2/14 Valentine’s Day
Ash Wednesday
2/15 Valentine’s Celebration Snack
St. Jude Math-a-thon donations are due
2/19-23 School Closed President’s Day/Winter Recess


The cold weather is upon us and snow is in the air. It's time to bring out the winter clothing and bundle our kids up. Please make sure that your children have a school sweater/sweatshirt just in case they become cold in the classroom.
Keep Working On. . .

• Saying the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Grace
• Making the Sign of the Cross 

• Counting to 31 or as high as you can go
• Identifying numerals 0-20 (in order and out of sequence) 
• Writing numbers correctly
• Identifying letters and their sounds (Please practice this skill at home with your child. The children must be familiar with all letters, as well as the sounds they make.)
• Reading sight words
• Rhyming words
• Forming letters correctly
• Using beginning and ending sounds of words
• Using spacing between words in a sentence
• Starting sentences with a capital letter
• Ending sentences with a period
Science and Social Studies
• Discussing terms used in the topics we are covering
Self Help
• Practicing tying shoes and zipping jackets

Will be held on Wednesdays during recess.  Please send a note in if you would like your child to attend extra help.