Miss Elizabeth Reyes (K-1)

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 This Week We Are Learning (5/22/17):

Reading- This week we will focus on the following Target Skills: identifying the main idea and details of a story, using the questioning strategy, and identifying the author’s purpose, substituting phonemes, blending words, tracking syllables, understanding characters, reading with expression, and identifying prepositions. We will also be reviewing letters y, and q. The high frequency words from this lesson areoff, our, day, take, look, too and show.”  (Please continue to practice reading and identifying all of our High Frequency Words at home.)

Religion- This week we will practice for our Kindergarten Moving–up Ceremony.

Math: We will continue to compare objects based on length, height, weight, and capacity. 

Social Studies- We will continue to explore our wonderful state, New York.  We will also discuss the importance of Memorial Day and the veterans that fought for our country.

Science- The children will continue to discuss how farm animals contribute to people’s lives by providing food for the table and clothes to keep them warm. We will also discuss how each new season brings a different set of tasks and responsibilities on the farm.

All of our butterflies have emerged from their chrysalises! We loved watching our caterpillars grow and form chrysalis but, now we will it's time to say goodbye.hem go free.


FROM THE TEACHER’S DESK: Image result for animated gif butterfly flying

5/1:     Summer Uniform Begins
    Uniform Measuring Day 9-10am
5/2:     Teddy Bear Clinic

5/3:     Parents Association Meeting 7pm

5/4:    May Crowning at 1 pm (Father Gordon is      
   asking children to 
bring a flower from home)

5/5:     First Friday Mass                                               
          Early Dismissal 11:30
            Mother/Son Event at the Long Island Ducks
5/11:     Holy Rosary in celebration of Our Lady of Fatima

5/12:    Mother's Day Tea 9:30-10:30
            Drama Club Play: Peter Pan Jr.

5/13:    Drama Club Play: Peter Pan Jr.

5/16:    Field Day Grades (Grade K, 1 & 2) all day

5/17:    Early Dismissal 11:30

5/18:    Kindergarten Field Trip

5/19:    School Assembly 9am

5/20:    SMT Color Run

5/24:     Fashion Show 6:30pm

5/25:     Ascension Thursday- Early Dismissal 11:30

5/30:     Memorial Day- School is closed

5/31:     Casual Dress Day 


Above is a list of High Frequency words that our class will review this week. Your child is expected to know these words instantly so they can be fluent readers. Please review them (including previous words) with your child each night.
Keep Working On. . .


· Counting to 100
· Identifying numerals 0-30 (in order and out of sequence)
· Writing numbers correctly


· Identifying letters and their sounds (Please practice this skill at home with your child. The children must be familiar with all letters, as well as the sounds they make.)
· Reading and writing sight words
· Rhyming words


· Forming letters correctly
· Using beginning and ending sounds of words
· Using spacing between words in a sentence
· Starting sentences with a capital letter
· Ending sentences with a period

Science and Social Studies
· Discussing terms used in the topics we are covering

· Reciting the Our Father and Hail Mary
· Making the Sign of the Cross

Self Help
· Practicing tying shoes and zipping jackets