Miss Elizabeth Reyes (K-1)


 This Week We Are Learning (4/24/17):

Reading- Our Target Skills this week are blending/ segmenting/substituting phonemes, reading with expression, classifying and categorizing seasons, utilizing text and graphic features, identifying the sequence of events, and summarizing information. We will also by reviewing the following letters and their corresponding phonemes this week: Ee, Xx, Jj, Oo, Hh, and Kk. We will review the high frequency words from this unit: “over, by, her, there, some, play, away, said, must, good, them, ate, give, could, say, she, new, all, was, he, then, & no” (Please continue to practice reading and identifying all of our High Frequency Words at home.)

Religion- In this week’s lessons the children will celebrate Mary as our Queen and Mother.  The children will learn why and how we honor Mary.  Please continue to practice saying the Hail Mary (in addition to the Our Father).

Math- The next few weeks we will be focusing on: matching relationship of 2D and 3D shapes, shape pictures, and composing and decomposing shapes.

Social Studies- In this unit the children will learn about different places, such as homes and school, neighborhood, state, and the Earth. We will also discover ways people move from place to place.

Science- We will continue learning about ways we can protect our environment by thinking of possible solutions for the problems of garbage, litter, pollution, and conserving natural resources.




   FROM THE TEACHER’S DESK:Related image

4/7     First Friday Mass (Please bring a box of macaroni and cheese as a donation)
   Early Dismissal- 11:30
4/10    Palm Sunday

4/11    LICM workshop

4/12    Early Dismissal- 11:30
   No After Care

4/13- 4/24 Easter Recess~ School Closed

4/16    Easter

4/22   Earth Day
4/24   School reopens

4/28 Casual Dress Day


Above is a list of High Frequency words that our class will review this week. Your child is expected to know these words instantly so they can be fluent readers. Please review them (including previous words) with your child each night.
Keep Working On. . .


· Counting to 100
· Identifying numerals 0-30 (in order and out of sequence)
· Writing numbers correctly


· Identifying letters and their sounds (Please practice this skill at home with your child. The children must be familiar with all letters, as well as the sounds they make.)
· Reading and writing sight words
· Rhyming words


· Forming letters correctly
· Using beginning and ending sounds of words
· Using spacing between words in a sentence
· Starting sentences with a capital letter
· Ending sentences with a period

Science and Social Studies
· Discussing terms used in the topics we are covering

· Reciting the Our Father and Hail Mary
· Making the Sign of the Cross

Self Help
· Practicing tying shoes and zipping jackets