Miss Elizabeth Reyes (K-1)


This Week We Are Learning (10/23):

This week we will be focusing on: identifying beginning sounds, words in oral sentences, pausing for punctuation (when reading), identifying cause and effect, questioning, synonyms, and action verbs.  We will also discuss the letter Ss and its corresponding phoneme, /s/. We will review the high frequency words: I, like, the, and.  (In addition to reviewing the letters/sounds of the alphabet, please continue to practice reading and identifying I, like, and the at home.) 

In this chapter the children will explore their individuality and learn about God’s special love for them. October is the Month of the Rosary. Please take some time to talk to your child about the rosary, perhaps show them any rosaries you might have at home and maybe pray a decade or more together

We will continue to explore numbers 6-10, the concept of more, fewer (less), and number patterns. 

Social Studies:
We will continue discussing and learning about helpers in our community and their impact on our lives.

We will continue investigating pumpkins as well as bats and spiders.


10/2: Hot Lunch Program begins
10/6: First Friday Mass 8:30 am (Please remember to bring
a nonperishable food donation. Thank you.)
11:30 Dismissal
10/9: Columbus Day- School Closed
10/10: Winter Uniform Begins
10/20 Harvest Party 
10/25: Picture Day- Full Uniform Required
12/26: N-1 Assembly
10/30: School Assembly
10/31: Class Party
      Casual Dress Day


Please note that we will be practicing and having Fire Drills to
make sure we can get out the building in case of an
emergency. Please discuss fire safety at home with your child
  • When printing letters and numbers, encourage your child to start at the top and work down. Many children will begin their numbers and letters at the bottom, which is the incorrect way of producing them. Please watch your child and correct them if need be.
  • Have your child practice writing their name with only 1 capital letter and all the rest of the letters lowercase.
  • Spend a few minutes each day reviewing alphabet letters and word wall words so your child begins to readily recognize all letters and word wall words. Search for letters/words in books and magazines and use them to write sentences.
  • Have your child practice tying their own shoes and zipping their own jacket.
  • Have your child practice cutting with their thumb up and using their opposite hand to rotate the paper.