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5th Grade Specials:
Monday - 8:30 mass & Music
Tuesday - Spanish (every other week)
Wednesday - Gym
Thursday - Gym
Friday - Art / Library (every other week)

Scholastic Book Club 
Click here to go to Scholastic
use code - KT2QB

4th and 5th Grade Reading Journals
*Students are required to have their book with them in school to read. 
**Students must always have a book with them to read
***Students are to write about 3-5 sentences in their ELA/Reading notebook about their book weekly.
Students can:
- describe the events in the book
- their opinion of the book
- predictions in the story line
- how they relate to a character or event...

Students are to hand their book in weekly on the assigned day:

#1-6 Mondays
#7-12 Tuesdays
#13-18 Wednesdays
#19-25 Thursdays 

                                          EXTRA HELP
5th Grade - Tuesdays 12-12:25, all must sign in 
Students must come with questions or skills to work on in any subject area.

4th Grade
- Tuesdays 11-11:25


Links to textbooks

Social Studies Textbook

ELA and Science


Full Uniform is to be worn as of Tuesday, October 9. Students will receive demerits should uniforms not meet the standards noted in the Student Handbook. Please note, all students and parents have signed a document and returned to school noting the handbook has been read and understood. 
The Student Handbook is found at the beginning of the assignment pad or on the school's web page. click the following link SMT Student Handbook

As per the student handbook:
*Homework and projects must be handed in on time if full credit is to be given. *In case of absences due to illness, teachers will allow sufficient time to complete assignments with written documentation from doctor or parent of illness or injury.
*Students will be responsible for completing missed assignments. Upon returning to school, students should personally verify that they have received all outstanding assignments by personally checking with several reliable students.
*Absence from school for vacations other than when school is closed is discouraged.
No school work will be provided to students. All assignments are due upon return to school; missing assignments will be calculated into a student’s grade.

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Lateness to school
As per the student handbook:
* Three late passes equals a demerit
* Three demerits will equal a detention.

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Students who bring in their Sunday bulletin from their place of worship earns a ticket. Those who altar serve earn an additional ticket.


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Walk-a- thon Prize
No Uniform June 11

Grade 4 Homework

Monday, June 10

Benchmark test today
Tuesday, June 11
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Wednesday, June 12

Thursday, June 13

Friday, June 14

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Grade 5 Homework 
Monday, June 10

Benchmark test today

Tuesday, June 11
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Wednesday, June 12

Thursday, June 13

Friday, June 14

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