“Who would not fear you, King of the nations, for it is your due!”

Jeremiah 10:7


Homework: 1/17/19
ELA: pgs. 113-114 RNB
Math: pgs 323-324
Pick a president by tomorrow

 Homework: 1/16/19

ELA: Use the Vocabulary sheet to write about 2 of your vocabulary words (Journeys Text Lesson 9) 
For the remaining 6 words, use them in a sentence. Underline the vocabulary words.
Math: pgs. 317-318
Pick a president to report on by Friday
Reading log---Keep Reading!

Lesson 9


Familiar blurry applause vacant

Rickety blasted rude jerky

Spelling (Dipthongs ow and ou sounds)

Clown crowd round sound bow

Count cloud powder power blouse

Crown thousand thousand frown pound

 Homework: 1/15/19
ELA: Pretest your words with a family member (on paper)
Write Spelling words in a sentence. Lesson 9
Math: Quiz on 0-9X tables tomorrow
pgs. 311-312

 Homework: 1/14/19
SS: test tomorrow on Unit 1 Chapter 2
We will be doing a President report. Students need to choose a president to report on by Friday. 
Rel. Test on Chapter 4 tomorrow.
ELA: Homograph sheet

Continue working on your log
February Mass donation: rice

 Homework: 1/10/19

ELA: Tests tomorrow on Lesson 8
SS test on Tuesday, Jan. 15th.
Math: Lesson 6-1 pgs. 305-306
Religion: Postcard sheet (Please send in, don't mail yet. :))
Reading Log- Keep Reading!!!

 Homework: 1/9/19
ELA: Lesson 8 RNB pgs. 110-111 Study for Friday tests
Read, Read, Read

 Homework: 1/8/19

Test schedule is on 1/7/19 Homework - below.
ELA: Pretest Spelling words on looseleaf Words are on the Calendar
Math: pgs. 293-296 odd numbers only
Read, Read, Read 

 Homework: 1/7/19
*Harvest Birds, Lesson 8, Vocabulary and Spelling are under the Calendar
Story related tests (Voc,Spelling, Comprehension are on Friday)
RNB: pg. 108
Continue to read for Reading Log- Read for enjoyment and be able to talk about your book. (5Ws)
Math: WednesdayTest on Topic 5 
pgs. 291-292
Social Studies test on Tuesday - Unit 1 Chapter 2. Study the end of chapter questions and activities.

 Homework: 1/3/19
Math: Sheet
Religion: Epiphany Blessing
(See sheet) Please sign that you did the blessing with your child and or family
ELA: Use the vocabulary words from Lesson 8 Harvest Birds in a sentence
(Can be on looseleaf)
Mass donation: shampoo

 Homework: 1/2/19

Thank you to everyone for your most generous  gifts and class gift this Christmas.
Special thanks to our wonderful class moms and to all who contribute  so much to our class.
*Notes: Friday is an 11:30 dismissal. It is the First Friday Mass and the Third Grade donation is shampoo.
Each child has been given a Reading Log today. The log is stapled into the Home folder and has space for 20 books. This log is to record chapter books children that are read for enjoyment and completed in the coming days. When your child finishes a book please sign the log. The children should be able to tell you the 5Ws (Who, What, Where, Why and When) related to the story after they finish it. Logs will be checked periodically.

Homework: 1/2/19

Math: pg. 277-278 and Study tables
ELA: See pg 102 in the RNB for Spelling words
Put words in ABC order.
Start working on your Reading Log

 Homework: 12/20/18

Math: pg. 271-272
Social Studies: pg. 16 and 17 in Social Studies workbook
12/21/18 Early Dismissal (11:30) 

 Homework: 12/19/18

Math: pgs.265-266
Quiz on 0-8X tables tomorrow
Social Studies workbook: pg 14
Reminder: Shoe box or empty tissue box (rectangular)

 Homework: 12/18/18

Math: pgs. 259-260
ELA: Use the "Illustrator's Vocabulary Words" from the handout (sent home today) to write sentences. If you need help with definitions, use your textbook. The book we are working with this week is The Quiltmaker's Gift and some pages from the Journeys books that apply to lessons. (Lesson 7)

 Homework: 12/17/18

Math: Worksheet
ELA: RNB pg. 85
Please bring in a rectangular tissue box (empty) or a children's size shoe box by Thursday.
(Must fit in our "cubbies")

 Homework: 12/13/18

Math: pgs. 253 and 254
Science: pgs. 98 and 99

We will be using other sources for ELA until the end of the week and next week. No Journeys story.
Today we read the story- Great Joy,  by Kate DeCamillo. Vocabulary words we are working with until the end of the week: organ grinder
The children have them and their definitions in their ELA notebooks. 

Homework: 12/11/18

Math: Finish your Santa multiplication worksheet
Reminder- Pageant: tonight. Students meet in our classroom at 6 and the pageant is at 7 in the church. Children wear appropriate attire- dress pants or uniform pants with uniform shoes. (Something easy to get a gown over.:))

 Homework: 12/5/18

Science: Finish writing definitions in your notebook for Vocabulary.
ELA: Spelling test on Friday
Math: pg. 236
First Friday donation- socks

 Homework: 12/4/18
ELA: Use Vocabulary words in a sentence. Spelling test on Friday (Lesson 6)
Math: pgs. 241-242
Pageant: Practice music and parts.

 Homework: 12/3/18

ELA: Use Spelling words in a sentence.
Phonics Review sheet
Practice for the Pageant **Pageant is 12/11/18 at 7 PM
Math: Study multiplication tables ***every night at least 5- 10 min. **It makes a big difference!

 Homework: 11/29/18
*****Practice Music and Parts for Pageant. Music is on Ms. Laurencot's Class Page. Papers should be in a folder and going back and forth to school each day.
Scholastic orders due on 11/30.
Math: Test on Topic 4 tomorrow. Complete Assessment Practice pgs. 231-232.

 Homework: 11/28/18

Math: Worksheet; Study tables and Topic 4 for Friday test
ELA: Verb page
"Bat Loves the Night" Vocabulary and Spelling words were sent home today and posted on Calendar
*****Practice Music and Parts for Pageant. Music is on Ms. Laurencot's Class Page. Papers should be in a folder and going back and forth to school each day.
Scholastic orders due on 11/30.

 Homework: 11/27/18

Math: Worksheet on 8's. Quiz on 8's tomorrow
Topic 4 test on Friday
ELA: "Bat Loves The Night" 
Vocabulary sheet- Follow directions at the top of the page. (2 words in addition to "dozes")
Scholastic due date- 11/30.
***Study your script and music for the Christmas Pageant*

 Homework: 11/26/18

Math: Study your tables. Quiz on 8's Wednesday. Worksheets
Test on Topic 4 on Friday.
Scholastic: Due date is 11/30. You can order online with code. 
Study, Study, Study- Music singing and speaking parts for Pageant


Math: Study your tables. Quiz on 7's tomorrow.
pgs. 221-222
Pageant-Practice your lines and or singing parts. Music and script should go back and forth every day.

 Homework: 11/15/18

Math: Practice multiplication sheet
Turkey coloring page- do your best coloring! 
*Note: There are  no story related tests this week. 

 Homework: 11/14/18

ELA: Lesson 6 Spelling and Vocabulary words are posted to the Calendar Page
Book report due on 11/19
Science: Define these 2 words- anemometer and hygrometer
Study Unit 7 for tomorrow's test.
Math:pg 197-198 

Homework : 11/13/18
Math: pgs. 191-192***Study multiplication facts- Every Night! **** (0-9x tables so far) Even 5-10 minutes makes a very big difference.

Science: Unit 7 test on Thursday
SS: Finish class work sheet. Use full complete sentences

 Homework: 11/8/18
Religion: Study for test tomorrow (Ch 3 and the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary)
Math: Study multiplication facts 
ELA: Be prepared for Vocabulary test- Lesson 5; Comprehension questions- open book.

 Homework: 11/7/18

Math: Study vocabulary pg 167 Quiz tomorrow
pgs. 185 and 186
Religion: Chapter 3 test on Friday
ELA: RNB pg 66
Vocabulary and Spelling test on Friday

 Homework: 11/6/18

Math: pg. 179-180  Study vocabulary pg 167
Religion Quiz on chapter 3 (Friday)
ELA: Spelling menu

 Homework: 11/5/18

Math: Topic 4- pgs. 173-174
Study vocabulary words on pg. 167
Bring back signed tests
ELA: Lesson 5- Use Spelling menu- Words are under the "Calendar" on Class pages (See Oct. 30) or in the RNB, Lesson 5

**NOTE: Keep Christ in Christmas due 11/9
Book report due on 11/19
Book sale Tue and Wed, proceeds to Outreach turkeys

 Homework: 10/30/18

 Math- Topic 3 test tomorrow. Study Topic 3-vocabulary,properties, arrays and multiplication facts.
Science- finish creating your paper flashcards. Vocabulary on one side, definitions on the other. Words include- severe weather words from pgs. 310-311 and the types of clouds from earlier lesson.
Record rain data on your chart. 10/31- last day of documenting.
*****Halloween**** $1.00 Casual Dress down - wear oranges, purple, black or green. 

10/30/18 Notes:
Please see Calendar for ELA Lesson 5 Overview- Voc and Spelling words.
There will be no homework on Halloween. Happy treating! 
Homework: 10/29/18

Math: pgs. 159-160
Test on Topic 3 on Wednesday
ELA: RNB pg/ 57
Use your vocabulary words in a sentence.
Second Step- Worksheet.
*Please be sure to have a pencil with you each day.

 Homework: 10/24/18

Social Studies- Use the textbook to define the  Vocabulary words on pg. 14. Write a sentence using each word.
Math: Practice 0-5X table (A highly recommended purchase: Multiplication flashcards)
If you have a rosary please bring it in. (Please don't send in a valuable or very delicate rosary)

 Homework: 10/23/18

ELA: Study for Phonics, Grammar and Spelling test tomorrow (Lesson 4).
IOWA testing tomorrow through Thursday
Math: pg. 149

 Homework: 10/22/18

ELA: Finish class review packet. Study for tests on Lesson 4-"Pop's Bridge." (Tues: Spelling, Vocabulary and Comprehension and for Wednesday- Phonics and Grammar.)
IOWA testing resumes tomorrow through Thursday.

Math: pgs. 143-144; continually study, memorize multiplication facts.
Spanish- Study notes --Spanish will be on 11/5.

Homework: 10/18/18

ELA: Our ELA story related tests will
be on Tuesday.
ELA RNB pgs. 48,54 and 55.
Spelling menu
Science: Record  rain data

Homework: October 17, 2018

Math: Quiz tomorrow on 0 - 4 x table
Science: pgs. 298-300
Continue to record rain data in Science notebook on Data sheet.

 Homework: October 16, 2018

ELA: Write your Spelling words  "On a Swirl"( RNB Lesson 4 -- also on the site under, Calendar More Events, 10/15)
Use your Vocabulary words in a sentence.
Math: Study 0 - 4X table- Quiz on Thursday
Science: In your NB - Record rain data on sheet each day until 10/31.
HFY Workout packet.

 Homework: October 15, 2018

IOWA testing begins tomorrow. Be sure to get a good rest and breakfast. Bring a sharpened pencil.
Math: pgs. 125 and 126.
ELA: pg. 43 in your RNB
Practice 4X table

 Homework: 10-11-18

Study for ELA tests- Spelling. Comprehension, Phonics/Grammar. 
Math: pgs. 113-114
Science: Finish coloring the front of your water cycle 

 Homework: 10-10-18

SS: If you did not complete the Maps packet, please do so tonight.
ELA: Cumulative Review worksheet
Study for Spelling, Comprehension, Phonics/Grammar from lesson 3. Assessments are on Friday

*Share a kindness with someone*

 Homework: 10-9-18

Math: Study for Math test, Topic 2 tomorrow.
Religion: October is a month devoted to Mary. Coloring page of the Rosary
ELA: RNB: pgs. 38 and 39. 

 Homework: 10-4-18

ELA: Spelling menu
Readers Notebook (RNB) pgs. 26 and 31
Tests next week- Tuesday: ELA Lesson 3 
Wednesday: Math - Topic 2
First Friday Mass donation- Instant Potatoes

 Homework: October 3, 2018

SS: Maps test is  tomorrow, Thursday. Reviews went home today.  Compass Rose, Direction, parts of a map
ELA: Use new Spelling menu to choose activities this week. Write words in ELA NB.
Write vocabulary words in sentences.
Story test is next Tuesday
*Third Grade donation to Outreach is instant potatoes. Please send them for First Friday Mass

 Homework: October 2, 2018

Math: pg. 100 ; study for 0-3X table
Science test tomorrow- Unit 8 Lesson 1 (Finish review 435-348 We will go over it tomorrow also) 
SS: Maps Book test on Compass Rose, Direction, parts of a map
ELA: Lesson 3 Story test will be postponed until Tuesday. (Vocabulary, Spelling, Comprehension, Grammar)
*Please remember to bring a sharpened pencil to school each day.

 Homework: October 1, 2018

Math: pgs 95 and 96. 
Study for this week's tests-
Science (Moon, Earth and Tides) Wednesday; SS (From Maps book), test is Thursday; ELA- Lesson 3 Story tests on Friday.
It is good practice to read every night for 15 or 20 minutes.

 Homework: 9-26-18

Math: pgs. 77 and 78
ELA: Spelling- Menu
Vocabulary- Use your words to make a paragraph
Vocabulary and Spelling Test on Friday Lesson 2 The Trial of Cardigan Jones
**Casual Dress on Friday :)**

 Homework: 9-25-18

ELA: Study for Spelling and Vocabulary test on Friday.
Spelling menu
Math: pgs. 71 and 72

 Homework: 9-24-18

ELA: Lesson 2 Spelling Words (List starts with "spoke")
Use the Spelling menu that was sent home today. It should be stapled into the ELA notebook. Spelling to be done in the notebook. Choose one from each column each night this week.
Math: pg. 65 and 66.

 Homework: 9-20-18

ELA: Write your Spelling words in pencil. Trace over them in two colors. Use one for long vowel sounds. Skip a line between each. See calendar for Words.
Math: Study page 50 Vocabulary. Be able to apply them to your Math.

 Homework: 9-19-19

ELA: Scholastic orders due by 9-24-18
Math: Study vocabulary on page 50 for a quiz on Friday. (You need to be able to apply the  vocabulary to use it)
Science: Finish your definitions. Write each of the 7 words in a sentence. ( In Science context)

 Homework: 9-18-18

Math: Finish pg. 49 and do pg. 50. Study vocabulary on pg. 50 for a quiz on Friday.
ELA: pg. 6 and 7 in RNB

 Homework: 9-17-18

Religion: Open book Chapter 1 test tomorrow
Math: pgs. 47 and 48
ELA: Spelling test- Please get signed and return. Corrections- Write 3x each on the test.
Our Scholastic Code is QK38Q. You can order online using this code also. Orders are to be placed by 9/24.

 Homework: 9-13-18

ELA: Study for Spelling test on 9/14/18
Math: pgs. 35 and 36

 Homework: 9-12-18

ELA: Write your Spelling words in 2 colors to show the VCCV pattern. Please use looseleaf, (holes on the left. :))
Math: pgs. 29 and 30

Homework : 9-11-18

ELA: Use your vocabulary words in a sentence.
There is a Spelling test on Friday.
Math: pgs. 23 and 24.