Miss Elizabeth Reyes

"That I may make the voice of thanksgiving heard and may tell of all Your wondrous works."

-Psalm 26:7

This Week We Are Learning (11/12):

Reading-This week our Focus Stories will help us to answer the question: How can I learn about the characters in a story? Our Target Skills for this week will be blending and segmenting onsets and rimes, reading with expression, understanding characters and author's choice, as well as analyzing and evaluating a text. We will also be focusing on the letter Tt and its corresponding phoneme, /t/. The high frequency word is: “we” (Please continue to practice reading and identifying I, like, the, and, and see at home.)

Religion- This chapter explores family and the love and support students experience at home. The children are invited to reflect on and celebrate the uniqueness of their families and to appreciate that they can come to know and love God through family relationships.

Math- This week will begin to wrap up Topic 4 by using a number line to count forward as well as backward; reorder numbers and place in missing numbers.

Social Studies- The children will learn about how people lived in the past. Children will also explore important events and how things have changed over time.

Science- We will investigate the benefits of nutritious foods and explore ways of ensuring healthy eating.



11/1 School Closed- All Saints Day
11/2 Full Day of School
First Friday Mass
11/12 School Closed- Veterans' Day
11/21 11:30 Dismissal
Class Party
No After Care
11/22 School Closed- Thanksgiving 
11/23 School Closed- Thanksgiving Break

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  • We go outside each day, so please dress your child accordingly.   If it is chilly, please send a jacket with your child.                                                                               
  • Math Activities:

    • Count to 30.
    • Practice counting pennies, buttons, Lego's, spoons, or other fun objects. How many blocks (or whatever objects you are counting) do you have? Draw a picture of the object you are counting and then write the number on a piece of paper to record your answer. For example, if you counted 23 blocks, just draw a block and write 23 on the paper
    • Identify numbers to 10 or higher … even when they are all mixed-up. Practice writing your numbers to 10.
    • Memorize your telephone number. Write it on paper. Practice calling someone – use phone manners. Be sure to press the numbers yourself. Tell the special person your phone number (example: grandma) and have them call you back.
    • Memorize your address - number and street. Copy it onto paper.


    Language Arts Activities:

    • Visit the Public Library and check out books or find a book at home and have someone read a story to you. Retell the story back to the person who read you the story. Remember to include all of the characters in the story, where the story took place (setting), the sequence in detail of what happened at the beginning, middle and the end of the story, and what you learned from the story or what the story may remind you of (inference).
    • Practice the beginning sounds of the consonants and the short sound of the vowels.
    • Practice reading. Remember to track words from left to right and from top to bottom

      in books.

    • Identify the front cover, title page, and back cover, and know the jobs of the author and illustrator.
    • Practice Phonemic Awareness Activities: clapping syllables (kin-der-gar-ten), producing rhyming words (bat-cat), counting words in a short sentence that the grown-up says, matching pictures of things that start with the same beginning sound, and oral blending of sounds (grown-up says 3 sounds /a/ /n/ /d/ and child says the word "and").
  • Spend a few minutes each day reviewing alphabet letters and word wall words so your child begins to readily recognize all letters and word wall words. Search for letters/words in books and magazines and use them to write sentences.
  • Have your child practice tying their own shoes and zipping their own jacket.
  • Have your child practice cutting with their thumb up and using their opposite hand to rotate the paper.



Will be held on Wednesdays during recess.  Please send a note in if you would like your child to attend extra help.