Immunizations & Medication

IMMUNIZATION: All students must be immunized before they start school. Education law requires that all NEW students and students entering Pre-K,grades K, 2, 4 & 7 grades receive a physical examination.

MEDICATION: New York State law prohibits the dispensing of medication without written orders from a physician indicating the type of medication, dosage, method of storage, and exact time of administration. Students should never bring prescription or over the counter medication to school. This includes cough drops. The medication may be accepted only by the Health Office from a parent or guardian and it must be in its original sealed container. Instructions concerning students with special medical requirements throughout the day, should be made available to all school staff who work with the child. Should your child get hurt/injured after regular school hours – starting from Friday afternoon aftercare program through Sunday night or at home during the weekday after school dismissal . All forms for medication are located on the website under the Health Office in the Medication forms folder.

DO NOT DELAY seeking medical care/attention. A medical diagnosis and instructions for care during school hours for the school nurse must come from the doctor.